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Knitting Habits Reading Bundle

There’s Got To Be An Easier Way…

Jodie Morgan

Hi there. I’m Jodie, a knitter with 40+ years of experience.

Feel stuck trying to enhance your knitting skills amidst a hectic schedule? You’re not alone. We all struggle to find time to learn new techniques.

Enter a multitude of wonderful knitting resources: videos, podcasts, websites, online classes, but where do you start?

Introducing A Smarter Approach To Building Your Knitting Skills

My reading bundle is designed to give you a starting point!

The reading list is a curated collection of my favorite reads.Whether you want tips, techniques, patterns, or musings on the craft, these recommendations will help.

The eBook preview is a comprehensive collection of timeless knitting tips, curated from 180 years of wisdom. It offers tips for skill development, organization, tool selection, and cost-saving.

Knitting Habits Reading Bundle
Nancy Lobban


“Jodie’s book is a great resource for knitters of all skill levels and experience, filled with lots of great tips, tricks and tools to add to your knitting toolbox!”

– Nancy Lobban, Designer, Teacher & Lifelong Knitter @ Ciobair

By Getting The Bundle, You’ll Benefit From:



Save time searching across various sources for helpful tips. All the tricks on hand!


Faster Learning

When you have knitting tips compiled together, it’s easy to keep improving.


Easy Reference

A “one-stop” resource makes it simple to refer to specific tips or techniques when needed.



My comprehensive collection of tips includes innovative techniques to inspire your next project.


Cost Efficiency

Instead of purchasing books or enrolling in different courses, have all the tips in one place.



It boosts your confidence, knowing you have a wealth of knitting knowledge at your disposal.

Gail Halling


“The format is laid out nicely. It’s easy to read and understand, and follow along. I’m impressed and loved reading every minute of it!”

– Gail Halling

What’s Inside The Knitting Habits Preview?

Learn what myself and other experts WISH they knew when they started knitting.

Get encouraging advice on how to approach the process, especially when you’re getting frustrated.

Know about all the little-talked about but essential knitting techniques to improve your experience.

Find out how to choose the right acrylic yarn without feeling overwhelmed.

Never make the same easy to fix mistakes again with simple things to keep in mind when you knit.

Discover quick fixes for common stitch patterns and improving your tension.

Get an easy hack for knitting on the go.

Discover simple strategies for keeping everything in order.


“It’s clear and has some really good tips and advice that would be perfect for anyone starting out. I may need to get ‘do not work on your main yarn project when angry’ printed on my craft room wall!”

– Kelly Bloomfield

Knitting Habits Reading Bundle

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– Molly DeWalt

Questions? Here Are Answers To What You Might Be Wondering…

Yes! I’m confident you can dive in with only a desire to knit and come away with a wealth of knowledge. It takes time to learn, but you’ll never get there unless you get started.

Of course not! The reading list and eBook preview are yours to keep forever, and access whenever, wherever you’ll need it.

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At this stage, it’s only available digitally.


“The information is comprehensive for a beginner or newbie knitter.”

– Tina Irving


“Just read the book. It was spot on. Very easy to follow and visualize.”

– Aida Chimelis

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